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We offer the most intelligent solutions for your difficulties with water, from large industrial applications to small businesses. With efficient, effective and economical systems, AquaSuave has a solution that adapts to your needs.

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Our partnership with Kinetico allows for endless possibilities
when it comes to solving water problems.

Water Softeners


Our industrial-strength, non-electric commercial water softeners operate based on demand, lowering your maintenance costs and saving you salt, water, money and time.

Water Filtration


These robust, reliable filter units can be used either alone or with other products to ensure that your business provides clean, drinkable water whenever your staff and customers need it.


If you need flawless water for sensitive medical uses or superior drinking water for your customers, Kinetico’s industrial grade reverse osmosis systems can help you accomplish your goals.

Applications of our products
at commercial and industrial levels






industrial laundry



commercial plazas



AquaSuave is the only authorized distributor in the Dominican Republic of Kinetico products. For more information visit Kinetico.

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